About the breed

Siberian & Neva Masquerade Cat

The Siberian, including the Neva Masquerade, has been formally bred and recognized in Russia since 1987. Since that date they have obtained world recognition and their popularity grows with every year. At cat shows all over the world, the Siberian is drawing a lot of attention.

They are big, brawny cats with powerful paws, big strong body, having the form of a wide rectangle and a long bushy tail. The coat on the collar and trousers a long and soft. The coat the rest of the body has a dual texture: undercoat and guard hairs.
Siberian cats do not need a lot of grooming. A good combing once a week will keep their fur sleek and tangle free. They are very healthy cats - having inherited the Siberian’s natural strong, good health.

They are quiet, proud and very clever animals. With their gentle, loving devotion, Siberians are well suited to family live. They have a special favorite to the younger generation and will usually spend their days with the children of the family.
Variant of Siberian cat - neva masquerade cats. These cats always only blue eyes! The paws, tail and ears are dark and there is a dark mask on the muzzle. Breeding of these magnificent cats started in Saint Petersburg (Russia) which stands on the Neva River. That is how the Neva Masquerades got their name - both from the mask on their face and in honour of the Neva river.