Balder Angel Neva

Ra Angel Neva of Winter Symphony
March 28, 2020


Cat Information

Date of birth 22/04/2013
Sex M
Breed of cat Siberian - Neva Masquerade (SIB33)
Color Blue Tabby Point (a 21)
Title Absolute Champion (MFA)
Father G.I.Ch. Yaroslav Lion's Heart of Angel Neva
Mother G.I.Ch. Rukavica Nevskaja Skazka
Location Porto Potenza Picena - Italy
Breeder Elena Milenkaya
Owner Christian Battistelli
Test Fiv - Felv - Hcm - Pkd

About the cat

Balder Angel Neva, Siberian neva masquerade blue tabby point, is Absolute World Champion (MFA), a cat that has become a legend: presented in 40 international exhibitions and worldwide he was Best of Best in 39 expo.