Hakuna Matata C’Est La Vie

Vyuga Karamel of Winter Symphony
March 28, 2020


Cat Information

Date of birth 02/05/2019
Sex F
Breed of cat Siberian - Neva Masquerade (SIB33)
Color Seal Tortie Tabby Point (f 21 33)
Title -
Father WW WCh SM TM OSM (WCF); SGCh LA (TICA); GCh (CFA) Hercules Hakuna Matata
Mother GICh Grand Prix Hakuna Matata
Location Porto Potenza Picena - Italy
Breeder Khristina Moiseeva
Owner Christian Battistelli
Test Fiv - Felv - Hcm - Pkd

About the cat

She has participated with excellent results in only 2 exhibitions in Moscow (WCF). The cat has a very prestigious pedigree, she is the daughter of the best Russian Siberian cat of 2014 and 2015, the mother the best of 2016


Moscow (Russia) - International Expo WCF - 05/10/2019 Best kitten + Best in breed
Moscow (Russia) - International Expo WCF - 06/10/2019 Best opposite sex kitten + Best in breed
Moscow (Russia) - International Expo WCF - 18/01/2020 Best Junior Opposite Sex SLH
Moscow (Russia) - International Expo WCF - 19/01/2020 Best Junior Opposite Sex SS + Best in breed